Maribel Gomez Sanjuan


Psychologist (Col E-766). Clinic Specialist

Psychotherapist (reg FEAP).

Didactic Member of Gestalt Therapy Assoc Spec.


• Individual Consultations for Adults:

o Clinical

o Psychotherapy Process

o Personal evolutionary development


• Other specific services:

o Child therapy as well as traditional family therapy

o Couples therapy (individual or as a couple)


• Group therapy (group dynamics, creativity, group work)

o Gestalt Workshop

o Didactic in the Course of Gestalt

o Course Coordinator of Evaluation and Diagnosis

o Workshops monographic Izkali Personal Development Program


“I focus my work mainly on the integration of T ª Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Analysis of Character and Personality, values therapy, narrative therapy and existential and transpersonal orientation with a naturist.”